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Below you will find an array of free resources for you and your classroom.Student Self-Assessment of Math and Science Ability in High School.Users can also create private professional groups, which offer a personal search engine of shared web resources by group members and a discussion forum for ongoing dialogue, support, and idea sharing.Were you aware that bison have been integral to tribal culture, providing Native Americans with food, clothing, fuel, tools, shelter, and spiritual value.Targeted primarily for high school students and teachers, the website offers genetics education resources organized by Topics, Labs, Teacher Resources, Career Information, and Highlights (news).

Student users develop skills in science, math, technology, and history and mode the processes of how real scientists document the discovery of an actual shipwreck.The NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer is currently investigating the diversity within the deepwater habitats of the Northern Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Illustrated Text provides videos and resources on key components of climate change, such as the carbon cycle, the greenhouse effect, and evidence of climate change.In the Tracks and Sign Guide, students examine illustrations of animal artifacts--e.g., bite marks, pawprints, nests, egg cases, and other interesting finds--to determine what animal left that particular imprint behind.Designed to both teach and entertain, and appropriate for use with students and adults of all ages, the 10-question quizzes present practical facts and information about the dairy, protein, grains, fruit, and vegetable groups.Sloan Foundation, this guide presents companion pages for 46 science-themed narrative (fiction) films for elementary, middle level, and high school classrooms.

What do bicycles, footballs, and space shuttles have in common.Mission to Space takes kids on a journey through space with visits to the International Space Station, Mars and Jupiter, and gives kids a chance to make their own space creations through an online building challenge.Earth Day Canada helps people across the country recognize and celebrate the largest environmental event in the world, every year on April 22 nd.

Because the USGS revises and reprints new versions of maps as changes occur and land is developed, the archive contains many maps of the same geographic areas from different periods of time.You can download the book by individual page or in its entirety, and it includes links to additional information about each scientist.The program will show educators how ROVs are used to explore our national marine sanctuaries and provide a basic overview of designing and building ROVs with students.

Explore satellite images of where fresh water is stored in and on the Earth.For example, learn how to build electric circuits in Electric Box, design and test bridges to sustain the weight of the workers and cargo in Cargo Bridge, create paths with provided objects to move a ball to a bucket in provided Dynamic Systems, or rotate and stack shapes to in the physics puzzle Perfect Balance.

This engaging website presents an eclectic mix of science discoveries, articles, images, infographics, and videos about Our Amazing Planet—and is a perfect resource for high school educators and others interested in spicing up classroom instruction.

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Share the posters with your middle and high school students to inspire the next generation of robotics innovators.Simulation Curriculum Corp. has a free app for the upcoming solar eclipse.A well-designed engineering curriculum includes eight distinct design elements that support effective learning, says the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Project, an initiative developed by the Museum of Science Boston to study how children learn engineering.

In addition, the site offers lesson plans, videos showing examples of experiments, interactive learning resources, a glossary, and information on science standards.Exploring NGSS in the Classroom: Red-Winged Blackbird Unit Overview.A second module, Sea Level, begins with basic graph interpretation and builds toward activities prompting students to ask questions and develop their own data investigations.For example, Balance in the Bay, a science-themed module, involves students in a simulated fishery where they make regulation decisions and address natural and human-made challenges in the fishery and the squid populations.Additional fisheries-related curriculum and activities are presented in the Resources section.

Species identifications will be periodically updated as errors are detected and reported by taxonomists and other users, or when taxonomic revisions are made to the various groups included in the guide.The software uses Watson artificial intelligence technology to help elementary teachers instantly find math lessons, teaching strategies, and videos.Freebies for Science. or emphasizing ways that promote a healthy planet Earth.Quizizz, a game-based formative assessment tool that works on any internet-enabled device, can help you do just that.Each image includes an informative caption about the animal or place depicted.Under the ESA, California condor, grizzly bear, Okaloosa darter, whooping crane, and black-footed ferret have been brought back from the brink of extinction.Each lesson provides opportunities for students to develop cross-content skills in the Common Core, such as by journaling (recording observations and data in a science notebook) and reading expository text and locating evidence within it to support a claim.

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The lesson breaks down the use of solar energy into manageable concepts and action steps that students can easily understand.

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